Giddy Up Straw Cowboy Hat

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Giddy Up Straw


Our first laser engraved straw hat! The Giddy Up image has been engraved on the back of the hat and his bandana details have been painted in red for a great pop of color! There’s many layers to the banding starting with a base of black silk, a leather band has been tied in the back and then a braided suede and silk band to finish it off. We love “tails”! The braided band hangs from the back cause we think the back of the hat should get just as much love! A porcupine quill and beads add a subtle touch. A red Yellowstone playing card with a mini playing card charm attached rounds out the hat and a beautiful turkey feather is the finishing touch! Block the Sun in style with our new series of straw hats! Each one is one of a kind! 

Size: Large, Brim is 3 3/4”, Crown 4” 

Style: Straw Cowboy Hat 

Material: Straw