Jack and the Moon

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Jack and the Moon


This is one of my favorite colors! This gorgeous cinnamon pork pie hat has been lightly toasted to give it a worn in look. Jack the Jackalope has been laser engraved into the crown with such fine details! I’ve embroidered our signature stitches in a golden thread for just the right amount of poo! We handmade the leather bands, adding a contrasting suede to tie it together and wrap the ends in the same golden thread. Beads of been strung on wax cording on the back and details on the side. We also hand braid the suede and recycled silk giving it such great texture on the band! To top it off there’s a turkey feather and a porcupine quill that have also been wrapped in the golden thread to tie everything together! Truly a one of a kind hat! 

Size: Medium, is adjustable 

Style: Pork pie 

Color: Cinnamon 

Material: 100% wool