Lucky Desert

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Lucky Desert 


Stay cool my friends! These straws have all the serials that out felts do! Embroidery stitches on the crown in a golden color that matches the wrapped suede cording in the back! We have layered the bands to give it some great texture too. We started by wrapping it in silk, custom leather band tied in the back with suede and a braided leather and silk band for the finishing touch! There is the cutest matches on the side with an Ace playing card charm, Turkey feather wrapped in matching suede and gold and cream beads under the feather. The best part is the hand painted horseshoe desert scene in the back! Truly a one of a kind hat! 

Size: Medium, 3 1/2” brim, 4 “ crown 

Material: Straw 

Style: Cowboy Hat 

*If your hat gets dirty, simple get a wet rag and wipe gently over the area.