Raise Hell Stars

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Riser Hell Stars


This is a breathable cotton cowboy hat! It’s a gorgeous stark white. Don’t worry if it gets dirty, just wipe it off with a damp rag!

We laser engraved Raise Hell with the Skull image, painted the bandana with a pop of red and hand embroidered the stars. We used that same red thread for our signature stitches in the crown and even on the sides in the shape of a Diamond pattern.

The band is leather with white stitching details and of course we added our “tails” braiding recycled silk and red suede. There’s even red beading details on the side and back of the hat. To anchor the turkey feather we made a Buffalo nickel pin that finishes the hat off nicely! One of a kind! 

Size: Medium 

Material: Breathable cotton 

Style: Cowboy hat