Activated Charcoal and Rose Clay Soap

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Activated Charcoal and Rose Clay Soap

Madewell Mercantile


Spa Bar

This luxurious bar is made with activated charcoal  providing a gentle cleansing, red Brazilian mandarin essential oils which has some natural antiseptic qualities, rose clay also a super gentle way to exfoliate and often used in face masks for oil absorption and acne prone skin. 

Other ingredients 

Water, goats milk, coconut oil, rose absolute essential oil and bergamot essential oils often used for aromatherapy. 

Use up to 3 times a week on face as activated charcoal can dry out the skin. I personally always use a moisturizer on my face after cleansing. Can be used daily on the body. 
As with any product used on the face and body, if you notice any irritation stop using immediately! 

Enjoy your spa bar!