Kitchen Hand Soaps

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Kitchen Hand Soaps


Dirty Girl Farm

Dirty Girl Farm, established in 1994,creates products with natural ingredients straight from the Earth, with a collection of all-natural skin care and home-care products. All items are free from chemicals,toxins and gluten. Choose from these awesome scents!

Cardamom and Orange

is sweet, light and fresh. Coconut and citrus are complemented by a hint of cardamom. Orange peel granules add a little exfoliation when cleansing hands. Ingredients: water, kosher vegetable glycerin, cocamidopropyl betaine, citric acid, sodium chloride, phthalate-free fragrance blend.

Crisp Pear

Leaves your hands silky soft, smelling of crisp, green Anjou Pear. Ingredients: water, kosher vegetable glycerin, cocomidopropyl betaine, citric acid, sodium chloride, Crisp Pear fragrance (phthalate free).

Lake Huron

is known as the sunrise side of Michigan. This warm fragrance contains the sunshiney bright freshness of orange and lemon essential oils with sweet notes of wildflowers and roses carried along by the lake breezes. A woodsy, warm base envokes the feeling of cool forest floor in the finish.


Soothe the senses with the simple scent of lavender. Our Lavender Hand Wash will clean your hands and wash away your worries.


Keep this zingy Lemongrass Kitchen Hand Wash next to the kitchen sink. It will rid hands of common kitchen culprits, like garlic or onion odor.