Loco Boho Wild Rag

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Loco Boho Wild Rag


A 'wild rag' is basically a scarf, initially worn by American Cowboys or cattlemen whilst working out on the ranges and exposed to harsh sun, wind and dust. 
These wild rags have have gorgeous patterns and colors to go with a range of outfits! 

Size: 36x36

Made from 100% polyester 

 How they can be worn

Basic Square Knot

  1. Fold your square wild rag into a triangle.
  2. Pick up the wild rag and keep the triangle pointed downward on your chest. Bring the two long ends up, over, and around your neck.
  3. Just like you are tying a normal knot, take the right piece in your right hand, go over the left piece, under, and back over.
  4. With the left piece in your left hand, go over the right piece, under, and back over.
  5. Adjust the knot to make sure the end pieces are even.
  6. Pull down on the triangle point on your chest to tighten the wild rag to your preference.