Roadie the Straw

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Roadie the Straw


I love Roadie the Roadrunner! The perfect hat for festival season! He’s been laser engraved on the back, painted with gorgeous highlights of color and a Sun has been hand embroidered poking out above him! We added lots of texture to the band with recycled silk, a braided suede and silk band and then a layer of suede cording . We stitched in a cool porcupine quill that’s been wrapped in the same golden thread as our signature stitches. Below the quill is some colored beads for a finishing touch! Our “tails” got an addition with a Buffalo nickel coin sourced on our travels in Round Top. Gorgeous rooster feathers hang down from the Buffalo nickel for the ultimate tail look! One of a kind! 

Size: Small

Material: Straw 

Style: Cowboy hat