Terrestrial Hat Band|Natural

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Terrestrial Hat Band| Natural 


Engraved hatband decorated with poppies and serpents, two symbols that illustrate our relationship with our earthly state of being. Throughout time snakes and serpents have represented fertility or our creative life force and rebirth as well as guardianship. Poppies have been used over time to represent our sleeping state, our dreams, our imagination and our desire for remembrance. The hatband is fully adjustable with leather ties on both sides that can be easily unknotted to adjust smaller or larger. The hatband can be worn on many different hats, over hatbands already on a hat as well as in the hair as decoration.

• Each hatband is made up of two 11 inch sections that are adjustable in length

• Leather will soften and darken with age. • Water based, non-toxic dyes and stains used in all production.

• Variation will occur from item to item.

• Original artwork and designs, handmade in small batches by Miriam Dema in the Los Angeles mountains.
Made in United States of America