The Wild Shroom

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The Wild Shroom 


Found a log out in the woods growing shrooms! It was  the perfect backdrop for this Wild Shroom hat. How cool is the rust burnt coloring of this hat! It was meant to be growing in the wild :) There’s a laser engraved mushroom on the crown and a series of them engraved on the brim. A black leather custom band has been made just for this hat! I’ve taken a turkey feather and wrapped it with suede cording and made the cutest mushroom pin to go with it. There’s also mushroom charms dangling from the back with suede cording that’s been wrapped to match all the stitching. What would one of our hats be without some matches stitched in.. you never know when you might need them! 

One of a kind hat 

This is a large size hat. If you have a small head it’s not worth trying to adjust it, it will still be too big :)