Do Not Pet The Fluffy Cows Patch

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Do Not Pet The Fluffy Cows Patch


We got to see so many fluffy cows on our adventures in Yellowstone! Although they may look cuddly, and many a people have tried, please don’t pet the fluffy cows! 

We think it would be cool to customize your NEW adventure pack back! Just let us know at checkout where you would want it and we will make it happen for you! 

This is an iron on embroidery patch. Pick and area you want to place your patch. Make sure the surface is wrinkle free. Put your patch on desired spot. Take a towel, rag or even pillow case and simply iron over the entire surface of the patch. You can do a check on the edge of the patch to make sure it has adhered. Unsure, repeat the process and then let it cool!